Bed Bug Bites

How do I know if I have bed bug bites?
As we said earlier, many people don't even realize they have a a bed bug infestation until they develop a bad rash that can't be explained. That being said, the #1 way to detect bed bugs is by identifying bed bug bites. Unfortunately, bed bug bites are also hard to identify and can be commonly confused with mosquito bites, fleas, or other various rashes.

Below is a list of things you need to be on the look out for if you think you have bed bug bites:
bite reaction can range from nothing to severe, blisters and hives
common bite areas include the face, neck, hands, and arms
frequently in groups of three (know as breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
intense itching
raised bumps (some report red bumps with darker red spot in middle)
bites that are scratched may become infected

bed bug bites


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